Oriol Gener is an industrial designer and interior designer based in Barcelona. He was graduated in industrial design at ELISAVA school of design and engineering. He had the opportunity to study at ECAL école cantonale d'art de Lausanne, Switzerland. In his career, he could work for great studios such as Estudi Antoni Arola, Martín Azúa estudio, Boo in Barcelona and Sarah Folch interiorisme among others. Nowadays he is freelancing and co-leading product concept and product interaction department at Boo Barcelona. He is teaching at LCI and Elisava universities both in Barcelona. Oriol Gener is a design passionate that offers to companies and users aesthetic and functional objects thru design, always considering economic and production processes.


Exhibitions: Homies. Design-Hub Barcelona. Barcelona 2016 / Next design innovation. Salone del Mobile. Milano 2016 / Moutondeurs. Jardins de Metís. Canada 2015. Workshops: Masks. Saúl Baeza 2017 / Gastronomy and design. Andreu Carulla 2016 / Andreï Rubev. Jörg Boner 2015 / Les Moutondeurs. Adrian Rovero 2015. / Sustainability Jam. Barcelona 2015./ Preformative artefacts. Eleonora Lupo 2014.
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